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D. BRYANT ARCHIE is a New York based textile studio combining artistic, intelligent design with ancient handcraft. We work with global artisans to create handmade home textiles and accessories. Our goal is to improve peoples’ lives and ensure handcrafts thrive.

In 2005, on my honeymoon—inspired by the colors, textures, sounds and smells of Marrakesh, I dreamt of a blanket collection—statement pieces of artistic expression. Each blanket begins as a drawing and chosen yarn colors. I collaborate with Peruvian artisans to translate the 2-dimensional concept into a three-dimensional blanket. It’s a challenging process requiring us to invent ways to work within the bounds of the handloom. Sometimes we add embroidery to achieve a modern interpretation—such as in our chief blankets and pillows. The braided trim that appears on most of our blankets has become a signature feature. Each alpaca pillow is born from a respective blanket.

Our cotton bedding, kitchen and bath collections are made in Guatemala mostly by women cooperatives. Beautiful, industrious communities near Lake Atitlan hand-weave, sew and embroider native cotton.

We also offer limited edition pillows made from vintage and one-of-a-kind fabrics and tapestries found around the world—from Morocco to Nigeria; Uzbekistan to Japan. 

I’m thankful—to work with global artisans employing centuries-old, indigenous techniques in the countries they originated. I’m grateful—our pieces may find a place in your home, your life.